The Trustees of Newtown Community Association (Exeter, Devon) are:


Steve Palmer

I have been the Secretary of NCA since 2016. I am a meteorologist, now retired but still working on observations and climate data mainly to support developing countries and British Overseas Territories. My family moved to Newtown in 2002, and rapidly settled in. We moved from Newtown to St Thomas in 2021, but are still involved in the area. I helped to change the structure of NCA to a CIO so it is in a proper state to own and operate the new Community Centre. It is great to see the community development in Newtown, and it has been a privilege to work with enthusiastic volunteers as we have built the new Community Centre and seen the variety and numbers of users increase. I am keen on seeing new groups based in Newtown catch a vision and build new activities. 

Jackie Holdstock

I moved to Exeter in 1985 from Essex with 2 children, to work at the RD&E Pathology department, from which I retired in 2005. I now have 4 grandchildren. I have lived in Newtown Exeter since 1998. My interests are in the family and local history, whilst endeavouring to keep healthy. I have been part of the Newtown Community Association committee for 20 years during which I was bookings secretary for over 8 years. As a trustee and committee member for over ten years and having been with three different Chairman over that time it has been a most enjoyable community organisation to be involved with especially as we have moved forward with the new community centre.

Kev Winser

Christina Towler

Rachael Shah

If you would be interested in finding out more, and thinking about volunteering as a Trustee, please email Steve at