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DoReMi Devon

Doremi Devon offers 45 minute sessions suitable for children aged 4 to 11 who love singing, would like to learn an instrument or already learn an instrument.

The sessions take place on Thursdays and we have 3 groups:

4.15pm: This group is for children aged 4-7 years old and is a mixture of children at the beginning of their musical journeys and some who are in the beginning stages of learning an instrument. We use singing and singing games to develop musical skills such as: listening, reading, writing, coordination, social + many more. 

5.15pm: This group is for children who have been learning an instrument or having singing lessons for a few years. The current group has children aged 10-12. It offers a practical approach to learning music theory and aural skills to support broad music understanding.

6.15pm: This is an advanced group for young musicians who have been learning instruments for a significant amount of time. It would suit children grade 5 plus on an instrument who would like to improve their aural and sight reading skills. 

The sessions are £8 per class paid termly. Terms are 10 weeks long. There is a £5 discount per term for siblings and a £5 discount for payment before the first session of the term. 

These classes are based on the Hungarian pedagogy of Zoltan Kodály and offer a well structured framework for learning many of the skills involved in being a musician meaning that they will progress much quicker in instrumental lessons if they choose to take up an instrument. This approach was also in the national news a few years ago because of a Primary School in Bradford: and it is also used by the National Youth Choirs of Scotland. 

The classes are taught by Rebecca Willson who has over 10 years experience as a teacher and has trained with the British Kodály Academy.

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Doremi Connect also offers online training for adults and music teachers:

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