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Adult Tap

As a general thing, we are all about providing percussive dance to fun tunes. Our dance styles are based around Appalachian dance, but also include Irish, Line dance, Jive, Canadian, African etc etc.  We write and perform our own routines.  

Most people who join us have little or no dance experience, but that is no problem as we teach from complete beginner level.  Its always rewarding to see someone go from complete novice to performing what look like complex routines in the course of a few months. So if people like to dance, know how to have fun, and like a challenge, then come and have a try.

FireStone percussive dance

Every Wednesday 7pm
Cost £2 per session
Trish 07866 976274

People can drop in, but its better if they let us know first so that we can be prepared

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