Rooms for Hire

  • The large room is 70m2 , has a capacity of 70 standing downstairs and costs £12 per hour to hire.
  • The smaller ground floor room is 35m2 , has a capacity of 35 standing and costs £7 per hour to hire.
  • The loft room, which is only accessible via the staircase, is 35m2, has a capacity of 39 standing and costs £10 per hour to hire. Note that others will occasionally require access to the storage cupboards in the upper room.
  • The kitchen is for food preparation and costs an additional £3 per hour. You must book the kitchen if you need to prepare food. There is no charge if you only want to prepare drinks.  However, if another party has the kitchen booked, your access to it is at their discretion. We expect people to co-operate!

Please note that these prices are for community use. Private commercial bookings may attract different rates. See the policy documentation.

To make a Booking

  1. View the calendar below to check for availability.  Make sure you use the drop down menu to select the room you want to view.
  2. Once you have found suitable date(s) and times, download a booking form, complete it and return it to
  3. Please allow plenty of time and submit your booking request a minimum of 3 full days before the slot you want. Demand is high, though, so expect to have to book much further ahead than that
  4. Once we receive your booking form we will secure your booking and issue an invoice.
  5. Your booking is not guaranteed until we have received payment
  6. By submitting a booking form you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the Booking Policy and that you will adhere to the Centre Usage Rules. Please take a moment to read these documents

Bookings Policy (PDF)

Centre Usage Rules (PDF)


For further information contact   / 07847 229 194. Please Note that the phone is not continuously monitored and it may take a while to respond to any message you leave.