What is the Newtown Community Association?

The objectives of the Association are to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Newtown, Exeter. This is without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, nationality, age, disability, race or of political, religious or other opinions. We endeavour to do this in association with Newtown’s inhabitants, with the statutory authorities and with voluntary and other organisations. We seek to advance education and to provide facilities, in the interests of social welfare, recreation and leisure, with the object of improving the conditions of Newtown’s inhabitants.

We do this mainly by maintaining the Hut in Belmont Park as a community resource and by promoting other charitable purposes from time to time.

We are a UK registered charity, number 1173331. Click to see our Constitution Find us at www.charity-commission.gov.uk by entering our number in the “Search of Regular Charities” box.

Running the Association

We hold meetings every 6 weeks or so in the hut. You should find the next meeting on the calendar and / or on the home page. You can also eMail Steve Palmer (secretary@newtowncommunity.org.uk) to have yourself added to the membership list. EVERYONE interested in NEWTOWN is welcome to attend, not just Members. The more people that are at a meeting, the more useful (and fun) it is. Please come along.

Annual Report and Accounts

NCA Annual Report 2017 with annexes

NCA Accounts 2017 FINAL 20180131

as presented at the AGM on 19th February 2018.

Forum Minutes

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AGM Minutes

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Committee Minutes

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General Questions? email:secretary@newtowncommunity.org.uk