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To celebrate Newtown Community Association 30th Anniversary we have specially commissioned playwright James Cotter to write and direct three playlets that recognize events that reflect the Association’s aims and achievements in the past 30 years. The playlets all running at 15 minutes in length will be staged in Belmont Park, Exeter on Saturday 1st July as part of a day of live music, stalls, food and fun. More details on the day itself will be announced in the newsletter in due course.

This is your chance to join the cast no matter what your experience is. Auditions are being held at The Hut in Belmont Park on Saturday 13th May from 12pm - 3pm. Please bring along a short 1 – 2 minute monologue of your choosing and you will also be asked to read a short scene from one of the playlets themselves. Please have an idea of which character and play you would like to try out for. Rehearsals will be twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday 7pm to 9pm in late May and all the way through June with a one-off performance on Saturday 1st July. This is a non-profit community theatre production but your chance to work with a professional director and to bring the history of the area to life.

Below is the casting call for each of the three plays, if you are interested in a part please email the director James Cotter at or attend the audition on Saturday 13th May from 12pm – 3pm at The Hut, Belmont Park.
THE CHOIR - Husband and wife Sandra and Clive are preparing for the community's first choir practice but self-doubt, a plate full of cheese on sticks and incontinent passers-by's insures the evening does not quite go to plan.


SANDRA PETERS - Female (30 – 50). Main character. Nervy and well-meaning wife to Clive who together set up the choir.
CLIVE PETERS– Male (30 – 50). Main character. Confident and jokey husband to Sandra who together set up the choir.
LADY – Female (30 -80). Supporting role. Attends the choir practice by mistake.
CHOIR MEMBER 1 – Any gender (30 to 80). Supporting role. Good singing voice preferred with one line of dialogue.
CHOIR MEMBER 2 – Any gender (30 to 80). Supporting role. Good singing voice preferred with one line of dialogue.
THE DUCHESS AND DOREEN – 1985, The Cliffton Hill Sports Centre is official opened by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent but due to unforeseen circumstances HRH is forced to wait in the hut in Belmont Park and meets an unlikely friend. 


- 35). Efficient and smart right hand man to HRH. (The part has been cast)
KATHARINE, DUCHESS OF KENT – Female (45 – 60). Royal by blood but down to earth by nature. DOREEN SPRIGS – Female (55 - 70). Friendly volunteer tea maker for the big day.

MEET ME AT THE CREASE – The summer of 1976. Two old friends, Bill and Ted try to form Newtown’s first cricket team with a team consisting of just six players (three of them only like batting), one bat, a worn tennis ball as their only ball, three pairs of trousers, one pull over, one helmet and no pairs of stumps.


BILL LONG – Male (30 – 45). Self-proclaimed captain of the NCCC who has enough ego for a whole team.  TED WALLACE – Male (30 – 45). Vice-captain of the NCCC. Long suffering friend of Bill who just wants to have a knock about game in the park.


Download a PDF version of the above flier here.


April 2017 update: Great hut news!

See the Vision Page!

Next Social Café

Download a copy of the flier here.

Click here for more about the Social Café

New Student Accommodation

The Planning Committee has turned down the application to build Student Accommodation in Lower Albert Street thanks to the determination of local residents and councillors supporting them.

2017 offers some exciting prospects...

2017 offers some exciting prospects for the community with confirmation of a contribution of £25,000 towards our Vision Project from MACE property developers who will be leading the Belgrave Road development.

This in hand with the possibility of some additional funding from the city council raises the very real possibility of being able to move ahead with the building of a replacement community hut in Belmont Park this coming year.

The management committee are currently obtaining quotes from a number of building companies that specialise in timber construction and that have built similar types of community building. We are also in discussion with the city planning department in preparation for submission of a revised planning application based on a proposed building of 150sqm footprint (this is 25% smaller than the previous application but 45% bigger than the existing hut and consistent with the views expressed at the original community workshops in 2012) with a main hall area and the possibility of a separate or divisible smaller room as well as kitchen and fully DDA compliant toilet facilities. Plans showing the revised proposals will be on the noticeboards in the hut and on the website as soon as possible. If you want to comment please feel free to fill in a comment slip and leave it in the box by the plans or email Rory at We hope to have a firm proposal agreed at the AGM in February and be ready to submit a planning application then too.

The location of the new building will most likely be in the area of grass nearer to the main play equipment space and there is discussion going on with the play equipment committee led by Jo White and Ruth Mollins who are taking on the discussion with the Parks department to see how the play equipment in the park is to be replaced as much of it is due to be condemned (due to age) in the next few years. This will involve raising money and offering ideas on how the play areas are redeveloped. If you are interested in this please do contact us and share your thoughts or be ready to raise some funds! There will be opportunity to discuss this at the AGM too - this is due to take place at 7.30pm on Monday 27th February in the Belmont Park Hut.

Finally we believe that Newtown Community Association was first constituted in 1987 and so will be celebrating the Association’s 30th Anniversary during the coming year. We are holding a celbrstory café event in and around the hut on Saturday 1st July which will include live music and dramatic performance of some specially commissioned playlets recognising events that reflect the Association’s aims and achievements - put the date in your diary now! If you have been involved in the Association or enjoyed particular events or occasions in the hut or park and would like to share these with our playwright James Cotter or have other ideas about how we might celebrate the Association and our community then, as before, please get in touch. In the meantime have a very happy New Year.

Mat Pilates

Improve Mobility and Balance Through Core training breathing exercises and posture alignment in a relaxing background music session, helping you engage and stabilized your deep muscles involve in every movement

Please Bring your own ‘Pilates /Yoga Mat’

Individual ‘Mat Pilates’ 1-2-1 or group classes at your place are also available.
More information contact Doris by email: and on 077 69687319  or by messenger at her facebook page '

Doris is now offering Mat Pilates sessions in the hut. Click here for details.

FREE! NCA Social Café

The Newtown Community Association free Social Café is on most second Wednesdays of the month, 10.30 - 12 noon  Anyone is welcome to come to the café, which is free. 

We will be playing chess and other board games/cards or you can come just to have a chat, cake and hot drink. We look forward to seeing you.

If anyone has any suggestions for further talks, and who might give the talk, please do let Su Aves know on 01392 272793.

See also the Social Café page

Fancy getting involved with the NCA?

... meeting more of your neighbours and playing a key part in helping to keep our Community Association thriving?

If you are interested in gettgin involved in any capacity, contact Steve at


Exeter Community Forum

Exeter Community Forum would like your help in developing a community strategy for Exeter.

New housing development is planned for many areas of the city, and developers now have to pay a levy to provide for community facilities. The Exeter Community Strategy will make plans for the future of the city over the next 10 years, and say how this money should be used to improve and develop local communities.

The next stage of the process is a series of 5 local events bringing together communities affected by development and those areas where there won't be so much.
Each of these events is an opportunity for people to: 

  • Find out more about the strategy and the developers’ levy and how it could affect your community
  • Have your say about what your neighbourhood needs (whether or not there will be development happening locally to you)
  • Have your say on how the money from the developers’ levy should be used.

If you'd like to read more about this please see

NCA Events Facebook Page


Booking the Hut

Belmont Hut, in the middle of Belmont Park (or Belmont Leisure Ground, if you will) is a fabulous community resource and the focus of many community events and activities. You can book the hut for your event. All the details are on the Hut Bookings Page. The calendar will tell you which slots are currently available.


There will not be Qigong sessions in the first two weeks of April.  They will start up again on 20th April. Joe is having a well earned break.

See the Qigong page for details

Social Cafe

See Social Café page for details


See the Choir page for details!

Sensory Garden

Sensory GardenDid you know that the sensory garden in Belmont Park is certainly the oldest in Britain and thought to be the oldest in the world? The community association has been involved in its recent relaunch. Check this out.






New Hut Small
Click here for more about the Vision Project

The Newtown Community Association

The Association exists to bring the wider Newtown community together by providing an affordable venue for activities and events.

We are based at The Hut in Belmont Park, Exeter, which we operate for groups, families and individuals to use as a venue for all kinds of activities and events.

We also organise or host events ourselves from time to time and take part in larger events in the park such as the Respect Festival.

How Can You Help?

We are ALWAYS looking for people to get involved in whichever capacity suits them from making cakes to editing the web site!

  • Help in the cafe kitchen (every two months in the spring, summer and autumn).
  • Bake cakes for the cafes.
  • Join a sub-committee to organise an event.
  • Help at events.
  • Help with design of flyers ad posters.
  • Help with hut maintenance.
  • Come along to meetings and have your say (approximately every six weeks).
  • Become an officer of the committee with special responsibility.

If you have skills to offer contact the Secretary ( or call 01392 272793

small hut