Community Led Design Project

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Exciting news

After confirmation of additional grant funds from ECC and the successful completion of a tender process for a main contractor to build the new community building (See drawings below) in Belmont Park, building work is due to start on Monday 3rd Sept 2018.  The project is scheduled to last until the end of March 2019.

The current Hut will continue in use as usual while building works continue. When the new building is complete, the old Hut will be removed and the area returned to grass.

This will inevitably involve some disruption to park access and the childrens’ play area.  The site plan below shows the areas that will be affected  – the blue line shows the likely extent of the building compound and the red area is the vehicle access area, which will be closed when a vehicle movement is taking place.  You will note that the building compound includes the area currently occupied by the swings and the ECC Parks Department will be removing the swings in August/Sept (The swings were due to be replaced anyhow and this will form part of a wider plan to renovate the play equipment in the park, hopefully on completion of the building project).  Clearly there will be some disruption to access into the park through the main entrance and into the play area, which will not be accessible through the yellow gate on the corner by the swings, but will remain accessible through the other entrances.  Building work will be conducted strictly in accordance with the granted planning consent including management of vehicle movements, limitations on the working hours and incorporating protection to trees and paths.

See the drawings in the hut (and below).

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New Building location and working area