Hut Bookings

Contact   / 07847 229 194

The NCA is staffed by volunteers, one of whom handles bookings in their spare time. Response to any emails, texts or voicemails could take a day or two. The phone is not continuously monitored.

We will always do our best to accommodate your booking but it is important that you allow plenty of time and submit your booking request a minimum of 3 full days before the slot you want to book. Demand is high, though, so expect to have to book much further ahead than that.

If you have questions or difficulty with the booking form or other documentation or any part of the process, please contact us by email at or text or call on 07847 229 194. The phone is not continuously monitored so be prepared to leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



  • The large (70m2) downstairs room is £12 per hour.
  • The smaller (35m2) downstairs room is £7 per hour.
  • The upstairs room, which his only accessible via the staircase, is 35m2, is £10 per hour. Note that others will occasionally require access to the storage cupboards in the upper room.
  • The kitchen can be booked for food preparation for an additional £3 per hour. You must book the kitchen if you need to prepare food. You only need to book it for the time you need it and you do not have to book it if you just want to prepare drinks. However, if another party has the kitchen booked, your access to it is at their discretion. We expect people to co-operate!
  • These prices are for community use. Private commercial bookings may attract different rates. See the policy documentation.

Room Capacities

The large room has capacity of 70 people standing, the smaller ground floor room 35 and the upstairs room 30. Larger numbers can be accommodated if everyone is seated.


Payment must be made before we can confirm the booking. Regular bookings should be paid monthly, within the calendar month of use.

Payment should be made by direct bank transfer. Our account details are on the booking form. The payment reference should include the name or reference of the person or group making the booking.

Bookings Policy / Centre Usage Rules

There are available to download below. They are subject to regular revision; the next revision will be published in October 2019. By signing and submitting a booking form you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the Booking Policy and that you will adhere to the Centre Usage Rules.

Bookings Policy (PDF)

Centre Usage Rules (PDF)

How to Book Rooms

Booking Form as a PDF File

Booking Form as a Word (DOCX) File

  • Check the calendar below for availability. If you are in doubt, email
  • Once you have found suitable date(s) and times, download a booking form, complete and to
  • Once we have accepted your booking it will be added to the calendar as “unpaid”. Please make payment by transfer to the account details on the booking form.
  • Your booking is not guaranteed until we have received payment.


This is the Hallmaster “Weekly Calendar” embedded into our page.

(The weekly calendar can be opened in a separate tab by clicking here)


 For the time being I’ve opted to make the scheduler (at the bottom of this page) public rather than this one – which I think is a bit clunky until you realise that you need to reduce the font size it is using.

This is the Hallmaster “Main Display Panel” embedded into our page.

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 I think that we can make a sequence of pictures appear here where the logo is currently. This could be quite a nice view to have as the entry point to bookings from our website. But it needs work on the copy etc., so for the time being I’ve gone with the scheduler at the bottom.

This is the Hallmaster “Event List” embedded into our page.

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 Each booking in the system has a public versus private status. This affect both what appears on the schedule view and whether or not they are listed in the “events” view. We don’t currently any control over the appearance of the events view but I still think it could be useful.

This is the Hallmaster “Scheduler” embedded into our page.

(The scheduler can be opened in a separate tab by clicking here)

The embedded version (below) can be configured to view a particular room by default. This is the view that I have made public on our main bookings page, where it is configured to show on “All Rooms” by default. The link (above) always seems to start on “Large Room” though.

As per the comments above on the event view, most things are showing as “Private booking” for now, which is a bit boring. As the organisers of public activities contact me, I will change the status of their bookings to show what it actually is (Yoga, Monkey